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The are lot of gurus out there in software development management that tell anybody the right way to make success using a software development methodology. Of course, they are right. At least, it is "more right" than no methodology. But this is not the only requirement for succcess in software development. Our team thinks differently: the point to get jobs done successfully lays in the efficiency and flexibility of the development team.

The Zaval CE Team has created its own methodology, based upon well-known management technologies: SEI CMMI, ISO 9000 and XP, well-known development technologies -- Rational Unified Process -- and the elements of iteration planning to provide proper balance between formal requirements, software quality and team efficiency.

The founders of Zaval CE Team have created the Zaval CE Team personal view for software development process. The basic ideas are:
  • At least the part of project documentation must be completed before appropriate version will be available. The documentation must describe the project details with information where, when and who will need to use appropriate code.
  • Documentation must provide information about all aspects of products, including examples, installation notes and project overview information. The references and "man" pages cannot be treated as proper documentation.
  • The project plan and known bugs are required to be written before project publishing.
  • The project must be tested first inside Zaval CE Team. As ISO 9000 describes the developers cannot test its own code at all. Other Zaval CE Team members can be recruited to perform these tests. All contacts are free and are based upon bidirectional agreements.
  • Source code is strongly recommended to be verified against Zaval CE coding rules: such as code comments, code style, class and method design.
  • The system architecture overview, test protocols, IT specification and other development information is recommended to be published with source code and required parts of documentation.
  • Competitive analysis or equal information is strongly recommended to be published.
  • Tutorial and API online is recommended to be published as other non-critical information about product.
Points described as 'must' contains hard requirements to the Zaval CE Software. In fact, these points are required to distinguish our projects from 'piles of software junk'. The projects without documentation commonly have no application point to users, even if they are high-tech profies. We know it, we had enough of it, and we going to do it differently.

Points marked as 'strongly recommended' can be completed after the first version has been released for general-public download. But these points need to be completed anyway. Formal methodology requires a huge pile of paper; but, we do reasonable amount of documentation, making things easier for you.

Points marked as 'recommended' can be completed, if possible. These points are efficient for promotion the software, for example. These could be used to fork other projects based upon Zaval CE Team code base (this base is provided under terms of GPL license). Recommended information can be used by other commercial or non-commercal groups and individual users to use, extend and modify Zaval CE Team software at user's own risk, and to book change requests and urgent bug fixes via commercal basis to the Zaval CE Team.

For more information about our internal processes, please contact the Zaval CE Team for Process and Methodology information in a free form.

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