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In this section you can find letters that we recieved from our users and customers. All feedback in regard to DB Front End is published unabridged and upon express permission of original sender.
Hello all members of the Zaval group,

Your opensource Zaval Database Front-end is totally fantastic!  It is exactly
"what the doctor ordered".  I had built a cheap-and-nasty version of exactly the
same tool, because I was sick and tired of fat DBMS clients.  Last night I
downloaded your JSP, dropped it in to a resin folder and voila - nirvana!  All
the features and thoughtful design that I hadn't bothered to build into my
little effort were there.

with appreciation,


Lisa Shields CTO, hyperWALLET Systems Inc
502-580 Granville Street
Vancouver BC Canada V6C 1W8
direct:  (604) 482-0096