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 Overview of Zaval CE Software, Licensing and Distribution
The Zaval Creative Engineering Group (Zaval CE Group) is publishing software modules that have been developed by its members. All software development processes of the Zaval CE Group are CMMi compliant with details described in Standards and Metrology division rules. No software from Zaval CE Group is available for download until all requirements of respective divisions are met, especially those of Department of Planning and Department of QA.

All software is made available on the SourceForge since the first version of each product have released by Department of QA. The available versions may be incomplete under current product plans, but the all versions that have been uploaded are always verified by QA team. The software that was not verified by Department of QA will not be available. Versions which do not comply with rules set forth by the Standards and Metrology division may be made available as experimental builds only; however, this is not the official release software produced by the Zaval CE Group. It may be made deprecated, repelled, or otherwise changed or removed without any notice. Typically this type of software is distributed under Black Mesa Research Lab activities.

The software without documentation parts completed can be available for demonstrational purposes only but the software and documentation in all cases must be verified by QA team.

The software which cannot be provided under the appropriate parts partially described above may not be available with no reasons related to only technical or architectural details, such as features have implemented and so on. In this case the documentation part may be available without code.

All software is available under GNU General Public License if no other license is specified separately or additionally to the software bundle. Authors do not intend to prohibit all other licenses both with GPL, and we can provide the support and development the software written by Zaval CE Group members on commercial basis. Everything written by Zaval CE members can be used ONLY with authors' agreement under BSD license for commercial purposes and appropriate royalty fee.

All contributions from non-Zaval CE Group members cannot be used under all other licenses without appropriate public agreement with contributors. The GPL-based (but non-LGPL) libraries cannot be used with commercial software provided by Zaval CE Group except the appropriate license provides.

For more information about licensing and branching, please contact the Zaval CE Group for licensing information in a free form.