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 Zaval Java Charts Package
The package is a set of components that can be utilized in Java Applications to draw various types of business charts, diagrams, histograms, etc. It is possible to use our product with different GUI libraries:
  • Java AWT
  • Java SWING
  • LwVCL of course :)
This library is just a base package and can be easily extended. There is a special set of classes that allows new chart types to be implemented quickly. The library is independent on a GUI library, so it is possible to adapt the package for any Java GUI library.

The other feature is ability to develop own "projector". It means that it is possible to implement different kind projectors for 3D graphics, for example "isometric projection", "axonometric projection" and so on. In this case just implement the projector interface and set it for appropriate chart, the other classes of the library are kept without any changes.

At the moment the following chart types are implemented with the package:
  1. 2D Line graphics
  2. 2D Fill graphics
  3. Histogram Bars
  4. Cheese to draw percentage

 Support and contacts
All support activities, branch versioning, and custom software modifications are available for the Zaval Java Charts Package as they are specified by the General Maintenance and Support Policy of the Zaval CE Group.

The focus of the Zaval CE Group in the area of Java GUI development is oriented at the LwVCL, GDP, Charts and the XmVCL Projects. (The XmVCL project is the eXtension Media Visual Component Library is the blend of sound and Java Advanced Imaging, built as an extension to LwVCL.) Contributions of new components, API's, and other modifications from third parties are possible under terms of the General Third-Party Contribution Process after completing quality assurance protocol.

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The Zaval CE Group.