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 Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL)

LwVCL logo Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL) is a pure Java alternative to humble AWT-based GUI interfaces for wide ranges of platforms, including J2SE, PersonalJava and J2ME(coming soon).

Designed as light-weight but built separately from AWT (not on top of the java.awt library like Swing), the LwVCL is the good alternative to highly performant, memory-efficient, flexible GUI solution for embedded, stand-alone and applet applications - see Competitive Analysis.

LwVCL can be used on wide range of PersonalJava compatible devices, including Sharp Zaurus, Compaq iPAQ and top models of mobil phones with the same API as it is used in J2SE application; our library is the most efficient way to develop highly scalable GUI applications from PersonalJava to any J2SE applications.

Take a look at the following facts about LwVCL:

Can be used with both PersonalJava and J2SE No need to use specific library to develop applications for mobile devices - you are able to use the same library in both J2SE and PersonalJava.
The basic package size is
less than 145Kb!
No need to worry about Memory Card size in your PDA.
Faster, less costly component rendering No need to worry about embedded systems processor power and memory capacity - rearchitected rendering improves paint speed and reduces memory consumption. Double buffering support included.
Skinnable Each library component can have its view (skin) overloaded for all platforms supported, including PersonalJava.
Transparency support A light weight component can be transparent.
Object Oriented Flexibility Complex logic has been decomposed into objects making it easier to customize GUI behavior. Examples include focus management and component repaint.
Support for complex component development Nested components can be created with full control over input event delivery to child components.

The software is free for download under the terms of GPL v.2. If you plan to use LwVCL in a commercial product, you may license a copy of the LwVCL for commercial use.

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For more information about the Zaval LwVCL library, please contact Zaval CE Group directly in a free form.

Thank you,
The Zaval CE Group.