Class LwActionSupport


public class LwActionSupport
extends ListenerSupport

This is a utility class that can be used by a class that generates LwActionEvent to support list of LwActionListener classes.

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void perform(java.util.EventListener l, java.util.EventObject e)
          The method implements abstract method of the parent class.
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Constructor Detail


public LwActionSupport()
Method Detail


public void perform(java.util.EventListener l,
                    java.util.EventObject e)
The method implements abstract method of the parent class. The method knows how the specified event has to be delivered to an appropriate method of the specified listener. In this case the class is used to delivery the LwActionEvent to the LwActionListener.
perform in class ListenerSupport
l - the specified listener.
e - the specified event.

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