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 Web Services: An Integral Course
Summary: the course is dedicated to the practical aspects of the service-oriented computing, a new approach in software development.
Scope: software development essentials, services core standards (WSDL, SOAP, UDDI), service-oriented analysis, service-oriented design, services-oriented application development.
Goal: explore web-services' internals with emphasis on industrial application.
Prerequisites: understanding of OOP/OOA/OOD concepts, familiarity with Java (I/O, Networks, Threads, Database connectivity), knowledge of XML and XML Schema will be helpful but not required.

Course structure
  1. Java Fundamentals
  2. Essentials of Software Development
  3. Core standards: SOAP
  4. Web-Services: Essentials
  5. Web-Services: First Project
  6. Web-Services: Summary
Development Environment Recommended readings
  1. Alonso G., Casati F., Kuno H., Machiraju V. Web Services. Springer, 2003
    ISBN: 3540440089, book review.
  2. List of recent publications on discovery and composition of Web-Services by Natallia Kokash.
We appriciate any comments on the course structure and content.

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