Interface LayoutContainer

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LwComposite, LwContainer, LwDesktop, LwLayer

public interface LayoutContainer
extends Layoutable

This is basic interface for components that can contain Layoutable components as child. The lightweight layout managers are defined for a component that implements the interface. Actually, layout managers are used to layout the layout container child components.

Method Summary
 int count()
          Returns the number of child elements in this container.
 Layoutable get(int index)
          Gets a child element at the given index.
 java.awt.Point getLayoutOffset()
          Returns the offset.
Methods inherited from interface org.zaval.lw.Layoutable
getBounds, getHeight, getInsets, getLocation, getPreferredSize, getSize, getWidth, getX, getY, isVisible, setLocation, setSize

Method Detail


public Layoutable get(int index)
Gets a child element at the given index.
index - the index of a child to be returned.
a child element at the specified index.


public int count()
Returns the number of child elements in this container.
a number of child elements in this container.


public java.awt.Point getLayoutOffset()
Returns the offset. The offset can be used with a layout manager to offset child components locations of the container according to the offset values. The offset is represented with java.awt.Point class, the x is offset for x-coordinates and y is offset for y-coordinates. The ability to offset child components with a layout manager is used with the library to organize scrolling.
an offset to move children.

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