Interface LwTitleInfo

All Known Implementing Classes:
LwBorderPan, LwNotebook

public interface LwTitleInfo

The interface has to be implemented with a lightweight component that wants to use LwTitledBorder view as a border view. The methods of the interface provide information about the border title bounds and alignment.

Method Summary
 int getTitleAlignment()
          Gets the title alignment.
 java.awt.Rectangle getTitleBounds()
          Gets the title size and location.

Method Detail


public java.awt.Rectangle getTitleBounds()
Gets the title size and location. The bounds usage depends on the title alignment:
a title size and location.


public int getTitleAlignment()
Gets the title alignment. The alignment can have one of following values: Alignment.TOP, Alignment.BOTTOM, Alignment.LEFT, Alignment.RIGHT and it defines how the title has to be placed on the border.
a title alignment.

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