Uses of Interface

Packages that use MaskValidator
org.zaval.lw This is basic package of the light weight library. 
org.zaval.lw.mask This is set of classes to implement masked text field component. 

Uses of MaskValidator in org.zaval.lw

Classes in org.zaval.lw that implement MaskValidator
 class LwSpinValidator
          This class is a special mask handler that is used by the spin component to validate and represent bound integer value.

Uses of MaskValidator in org.zaval.lw.mask

Classes in org.zaval.lw.mask that implement MaskValidator
 class BasicMaskValidator
          This is an implementation of MaskValidator interface.
 class DateMaskValidator
          This is an implementation of MaskValidator interface and it implements date mask type.

Methods in org.zaval.lw.mask that return MaskValidator
 MaskValidator LwMaskTextField.getValidator()
          Gets the mask validator.
 MaskValidator MaskedText.getValidator()
          Gets the mask validator.

Methods in org.zaval.lw.mask with parameters of type MaskValidator
 void LwMaskTextField.setValidator(MaskValidator v)
          Sets the mask validator.
 void MaskedText.setValidator(MaskValidator v)
          Sets the specified mask validator.

Constructors in org.zaval.lw.mask with parameters of type MaskValidator
MaskedText(java.lang.String mask, MaskValidator v)
          Constructs the class with the specified mask and the given mask validator.

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