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 J Visual Component Library (JVCL)
J Visual Components Library is the collection of nifty Swing-inherited classes (i.e., Java Beans) for building high quality visual interfaces. Like all other Java Beans collections, you can use this library in conjunction with popular Bean Box editors, such as Visual Age for Java and Borland's JBuilder the same way you use other components.

 Brief history of JVCL library
The JVCL library is comprises of visual components, developed across number of projects that required to some extent more than simply building more sophisticated interface then Swing library allows.

The JVCL library is at the moment 1,5 years old and has more than 70 classes and interfaces. At the moment, the following components are of a good use:
  ITreeCacheDataSupplier architecture for building caching trees.

 Product plans, support, and contacts
Currently there are no direct plans for the development, enhancements, and other additions to the JVCL Library. All support activities, branch versioning, and custom software modifications are available for the JVCL library as they are specified by the General Maintenance and Support Policy of the Zaval CE Group.

Namely, you are free to request the following modifications:

  bug fixing/reporting. Severe bugs and Swing versions workarounds will be granted
  light extension of the functionality, if a useful API is contributed.

The focus of the Zaval CE Group in the area of Java GUI development is oriented at the LwVCL and the XmVCL Projects. (The XmVCL project is the eXtension Media Visual Component Library is the blend of sound and Java Advanced Imaging, built as an extension to LwVCL). Contributions of new components, API's, and other modifications from third parties are possible under terms of the General Third-Party Contribution Process after completing quality assurance protocol.

For more information about the product, please contact Zaval CE Group directly in a free form.

Thank you,
The Zaval CE Group.