Class LwBlankDialog

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cursorable, Drawable, java.util.EventListener, Layoutable, LayoutContainer, LwActionListener, LwComponent, LwComposite, LwContainer, LwMouseMotionListener, LwWinListener, Validationable

public class LwBlankDialog
extends LwWindow

This class is "template" window component that can be used as the dialog window with the different content.

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bits, height, insets, parent, psHeight, psWidth, skins, width, x, y
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Constructor Summary
LwBlankDialog(LwComponent content)
          Constructs the window with the specified content component.
Method Summary
 void actionPerformed(LwActionEvent e)
          Invoked when an action event occured.
 LwComponent getContent()
          Gets the content component.
 boolean isOkPressed()
          Tests if the "Ok" button has been pressed.
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Constructor Detail


public LwBlankDialog(LwComponent content)
Constructs the window with the specified content component.
content - the specified content component.
Method Detail


public boolean isOkPressed()
Tests if the "Ok" button has been pressed.
true if the "Ok" button has been pressed.


public LwComponent getContent()
Gets the content component.
a content component.


public void actionPerformed(LwActionEvent e)
Description copied from interface: LwActionListener
Invoked when an action event occured. The specified action event is passed to the method.
actionPerformed in class LwWindow
Following copied from interface: org.zaval.lw.event.LwActionListener
e - the specified action event.

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