Class LwFilePanel

All Implemented Interfaces:
Drawable, java.util.EventListener, Layoutable, LayoutContainer, LwActionListener, LwChildrenListener, LwComponent, LwContainer, Validationable

public class LwFilePanel
extends LwPanel
implements LwActionListener, LwChildrenListener

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bits, height, insets, parent, psHeight, psWidth, skins, width, x, y
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Constructor Summary
LwFilePanel(java.lang.String root, java.lang.String[][] ext)
Method Summary
 void actionPerformed(LwActionEvent e)
          Invoked when an action event occured.
 void addActionListener(LwActionListener l)
 void childPerformed(LwAWTEvent e)
          Invoked whenever an event has been performed.
static TreeModel createTreeModel(java.lang.String root, f)
protected  LwLayout getDefaultLayout()
          Gets the default layout manager that is set with the container during initialization. getSelectedFile()
    lookup(java.lang.String path)
 void removeActionListener(LwActionListener l)
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isValid, validate
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Constructor Detail


public LwFilePanel(java.lang.String root,
                   java.lang.String[][] ext)
Method Detail


public getSelectedFile()


public lookup(java.lang.String path)


public void addActionListener(LwActionListener l)


public void removeActionListener(LwActionListener l)


public void childPerformed(LwAWTEvent e)
Description copied from interface: LwChildrenListener
Invoked whenever an event has been performed.
Specified by:
childPerformed in interface LwChildrenListener
Following copied from interface: org.zaval.lw.event.LwChildrenListener
e - the child event.


public void actionPerformed(LwActionEvent e)
Description copied from interface: LwActionListener
Invoked when an action event occured. The specified action event is passed to the method.
Specified by:
actionPerformed in interface LwActionListener
Following copied from interface: org.zaval.lw.event.LwActionListener
e - the specified action event.


protected LwLayout getDefaultLayout()
Description copied from class: LwPanel
Gets the default layout manager that is set with the container during initialization. This implementation of the method returns LwRastLayout as the default layout manager, the layout manager is got as a static object by "layout.raster" key.
getDefaultLayout in class LwPanel
Following copied from class: org.zaval.lw.LwPanel
a layout manager.


public static TreeModel createTreeModel(java.lang.String root,

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