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 -  LwVCL + JDK on a single floppy.
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 LwVCL GUI library + JDK1.0 = single floppy java solution
We have ported LwVCL library to JDK1.0. The result is LwVCL library + JDK1.0 that can be placed on a single floppy disc.
Note: it's not an archive - it can be used as-is. However, to develop you need full JDK package.

Just run demo to see it works! It's a minimalist pure Java solution for various embedded systems.

Download: (demonstrational purposes only, JDK 1.0.2 inside).

P.S. We are not going to continue developing JDK1.0 version of LwVCL library (it is just for test purpose only). We used JDK 1.0 for Windows (the version was minimized), but it is possible to use JDK 1.0 for other operation systems.

We appriciate any comments on this research, so feel free to send them to

Thank you,
The Zaval CE Group.