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 Competitive analysis
We've tried to provide small competitive analysis between all possible solutions. We've found many decisions available to find files by its' content; but few solutions are available to search files by their names.

Many of these provide synchronous scanning. Also we've found few solutions similar to Zaval File Search, but their facilities are a little bit behind ours. They are:
  • Effective File Search
  • Catalog Max
  • MP3finder
  • Urfin
  • File Tracer
  • Ace IntraSearch
We've found the following solutions are leaders of two groups:
  • MP3finder, as synchronous software with wildcards;
  • Urfin, as design similar to Zaval File Search;
All of them have no possibility to provide full-featured regular expressions scanning. The following small table demonstrates all signed differences between these solutions with comparison of the standard facility have embedded to WinNT explorer also:

Feature Zaval File Search MP3 Search Urfin Standard WinNT explorer search capabilities
Scanning and searching are divided in two phases yes no yes no
Fully featured localization support yes no no yes
Localized interface yes no no yes
Engine optimized to large set of shares and huge amount of files yes partially yes no
User interface have optimized to fast and reliable search in set of similar file names yes no no no
File search by its' attributes no partially yes With 3rd party add-ons
Search through several shares at once yes yes yes no
Search through set of computers at one time yes yes yes no
Scanning allow to limit and specify hosts yes yes yes no
Every share management yes yes yes no
Regular expressions to specify shares and hosts yes no no no
Management from user side, not an administrator yes no no no
Specific user credentials to scan yes no yes no
FTP support yes no no With 3rd party add-ons
Hosting platform Linux Windows Windows Windows
Have designed for multiple users access at once yes no yes no
Network traffic Low and localized High and unpredictable Low and localized Low and unpredictable
Administrators' interface no no Control Panel applet no

As you can see every existing solution has its own features and requirements to the file search. So if you want a solution that would work under any Unix platform, you need fast, reliable and powerful search engine with modern search paradigm, with regular expressions - our software is best choice for you.
But if you need to use WinNT host, and you like friendly user interface to control your engine - Urfin is your right choice.
And if you do not need to provide efficient way on medium and large networks, you can use any kind of software listed at top of this article; we propose MP3finder like utilities to provide full network scans, as you need.

For more information about the product, please contact Zaval CE Group directly in a free form.

Thank you,
The Zaval CE Group.