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Zaval File Search provides fast and reliable file search in small, medium and large corporate networks based upon Microsoft SMB shares (there are pure Windows networks and heterogeneous networks with Samba software on the Unix platforms). It allows scanning network asynchronously with search requests, so any requests will not cause any network traffic; all network part have concentrated into specific module called Zaval File Search Spider.

Zaval File Search can answer requests of any browser you have on your computer; client part can work together with modern browsers via modern facilities; old and "paranoid" browsers will operates with plain HTML in text mode so any operations to search files can be processed from any place of the network with any of existing browsers.

Zaval File Search contains rich set of possibilities to manage host list, list of shares with no access to the spider, and it uses user credentials limitations to distinguish from Zaval File Search from other end users and system administrators'. All network scan can be provided by guest or specific domain account, so everyone who has possibility to manage appropriate shares declines or grants access to the spider.

Zaval File Search operates with close integration of existing Unix hosts without superior rights and without standalone server, so Zaval File Search can be installed to any Linux host - Apache was in our example. Zaval File Search uses Perl with few standard modules, Samba client part, and few C based code to provide index rebuilding, so Zaval File Search is highly portable software.

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