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 JRC Editor translations Version 2.0 released!
This page is dedicated to Zaval JRC Editor's translations (JRC Editor itself was translated to different languages). At the moment of writing (7.3.2004) there are 10 complete translations available. Should you have time and is willing to translate JRC Editor to you own language - you are always welcome!

Language Version Last updated Author(s) Link
Simplified Chinese New
2.0 7.5.2007 Yuan Huiwu download
Italian New
(alternative translation)
2.0 21.7.2006 Monia Marziale
(Unimatica Team)
Swedish New 2.0 22.12.2005 Erik Olofsson download
Croatian New 2.0 12.4.2005 Zoran Mudrinic download
Chinese(TW) New 2.0 20.3.2005 Loren Li download
Japanese New 2.0 23.2.2005 Hiroshi Iwatani download
Polish 2.0 22.3.2004 Nikodem Kuznik download
Czech 2.0 7.3.2004 Pavel Strzinek download
French 2.0 25.2.2004 Xavier Poinsard download
Spanish 2.0 17.2.2004 Juan Zubieta download
Bulgarian 2.0 19.1.2004 Anna Trifonova download
English 2.0 15.1.2004 Zaval CE Group download
Russian 2.0 15.1.2004 Zaval CE Group download
Belarusian 2.0 15.1.2004 Zaval CE Group download
German 2.0 9.1.2004 Sascha Weitkamp
Stephan Strittmatter
Italian 2.0 9.1.2004 Nicola Zannone download
Slovak 2.0 9.1.2004 Viliam Durina download

Quick guide how to translate JRC Editor to your own language:
  1. Download latest JRC Editor package from download section and install it;
  2. Run JRC Editor and select Tools -> Import resources from JAR... in the top menu and choose classes/jrc-editor.jar file;
  3. You will see a list of resources strings at the left panel and list of translations for that strings on the right panel. If translation to your language does not exists (we assume this), select Edit -> New language from the top menu;
  4. Enter a 2-symbols code for your language (like 'en' for English, 'de' for German, 'sk' for Slovak), we will refer to this code as 'XX'. Colmplete code listing can be found here:;
  5. New language was added successfully and now you can translate all strings to your language with simply filling corresponding box next to your language at the right panel. You can see messages that were not translated yet by exclamation mark '!' at the left panel;
  6. As soon as you finished the translation press File -> Save as... and enter jrc-editor as the destination file;
  7. To apply your own translation to the JRC Editor close the application, rename jrc-editor.jar to and add you have translated to this archive. Rename back to jrc-editor.jar;
  8. Edit jrc-editor.bat file and correct start line to the following:
    java -Duser.language=XX -Duser.region=YY -jar classes/jrc-editor.jar %1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9
    where 'YY' is your country code (for example, 'US' for USA or 'IT' for Italy);
  9. Run jrc-editor.bat and test your translation;
  10. Send file to address and shortly it will appear at this page;
For more information about the product, please contact Zaval CE Group directly in a free form.

Thank you,
The Zaval CE Group.