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 Welcome to -- home of creative software engineering! is a public association, core of which comprises four professional software developers - the founders of the Group, who gathered together to develop a new kind of software -- creative software.

What is creative software? It is not software that directs support of human's creative activities. From the point of view of year 2002, this is software developed under a special process that facilitates software properties. Our work is not about software in itself; it is rather about software developers doing the work differently. Think as Apple Inc. - simply think different.

The main activities domains of Zaval CE Group are:
  • Publicizing of knowledge and experience through useful software via open publications;
  • Research in the field of software development patterns and development process automation;
  • Research in the field of agile software development processes;
  • Research of early access technologies and development of experimental software (see Black Mesa Research Lab)

 Zaval CE Group Divisions
Process and Methodology Research and Technology Resources
Press Service
Accounting Service
Standards and metrology
Department of Planning
Department of QA
Department of PR
Office of EAT
Office of Chief Architect
Office of CTO
Black Mesa Research Lab
Component Plant
Assembly Plant
Maintenance Crew
Procurement Dept.
Department of HR

The work of the Zaval CE Group is divided between three major divisions: Process and Methodology, Research and Technology, and Resources. Each of these divisions, in turn, has its own departments, responsible for certain aspect of the work we do.

Process and Methodology supplies all information about us, our activities, as well as information on how we do what we do, aiming the full cycle of the software development and production. The Research and Technology division is responsible for experimental, research and software construction works. Resources provide additional information about the products we use, technologies we investigate, as well as our own view on software development.

 Experience made practical
The Zaval CE Group core has a long experience in wide range of modern technologies, including network and Web related architectures, such as multi-tier and web-oriented enterprise level. The Zaval CE Group has great experience with cross-platform enterprise level solutions, including clusters, distributed calculations, large data collections processing, fail-over and fault-tolerant techniques and systems.

What we do at is:
  • We turn our ideas and practices into tangible software that developer may reuse;
  • We turn our experience into words and publications developers may learn from and refer to;
  • On request, we carry software customization and from-the-scratch development of projects that match to some extent existing industry patterns to proof our development theories and practices.
Please feel free to contact us at and request additional information.

 Products support
All support for software installation and problems should be sent directly to as plain text in the message body, describing your request and/or your problem. For all software that is distributed under the General Public License and is maintained by its authors on non-commercial basis your request will be answered as soon as possible, but no later than 5 business days.

 Stay informed!
To receive information on Zaval CE Group products' updates and bug fixes via email, subscribe to our news list. News is a low traffic list - typically several messages per month. To subscribe, send a blank mail to and follow the instructions.